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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Part Deux

Klueless2 was out sometime in the last couple of weeks and it was once again a good brain exercise to finish it. Did it much faster than the original but this time some of the levels were really super and deep. On the whole, it was nice that all the levels were also part of a story so a basic relation exists. Here are a list of clues to help you through.

Level 01: Pay attention to the URL
Level 02: The address is way to famous
Level 03: Pipe to glory
Level 04: Titanic, Frank, The Terminal
Level 05: Taxi Number 9211
Level 06: Yahoo + Google
Level 07: Wall - Crust = ?????
Level 08: Look at the title bar
Level 09: Is that equation familiar
Level 10: Relate the number to whatever the scale is used to measure, the title bar is a giveaway hint
Level 11: Doc, this is reminiscent from Part Klueless
Level 12: Colors colors everywhere, how many of them are there
Level 13:
See what you cannot see and I can see when I show you what you can see and I cannot see
Level 14: That number has a very important consequence to a childhood thing
Level 15: 07734 just follow the instructions
Level 16: The cat is down under and Japan is beside it along with the dogs
Level 17: Axis Correction, title bar
Level 18: Take a pen and paper and work out the logic, the game is teen patti
Level 19: Where do you see that underline below a word, put in the rest of the words there
Level 20: Where can he get a number in the last six levels

These should be enough to get through

Thursday, May 25, 2006

250 : 5

RESPECT for number 250 and the contribution to trance, 5 down and many more to go...

QOTD: C is constant, most 'gurus' are egotripping fresh programmers who found out how to use pointers to characters.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Final Frontier

Whether you like it or not, this is it. The Web is the final frontier.
Oh, did I mention, PHP and MySQL rock! As if you didn't already know...

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy 2006. Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

Have a blast, stay safe, work hard, party harder. Peace on earth!

Friday, December 30, 2005


Ok, so finally finished the IRIS KLUELess puzzle...am a happy man, and ofcourse I looked through hints and had help from a lovely lady through the torment too
So here are a list of hints for anyone who might have dropped in here and played the game!

Level 01: Click the gate (Duhh!)
Level 02: Knock on the door when the text appears
Level 03: Mythology, Anatomy, Plant, Astronomy
Level 04: Oakley, Police, Fishbone
Level 05: Cult Icon (Look at source code and the URL)
Level 06: Damian
Level 07: Level 5 teaches you important tricks for the game
Level 08: Dots and dashes lay on the road
Level 09: aMon Lisa
Level 10: The heavens say A6
Level 11: QWERTY
Level 12: 1969, Mercedes Benz
Level 13: Look at the source code, CIPHERNAME13
Level 14: Google is your friend
Level 15: Tring Tring...
Level 16: The URL, ALT + Source is your friend
Level 17: 007
Level 18: T9
Level 19: Look at the source code and the way things point
Level 20: Whose line is it anyway, Square it (6x6)
Level 21: ees I tahw ees uoy oD
Level 22: What is the fhvimznv and kzhhdliw, remember Level 13, and notice A=Z
Level 23: Dont change this, but change something else and unzip it
Level 24: You take the blue pill, the story ends, but not without a purpose, periodic table, most played pc game
Level 25: Oriental Ring Book
Level 26: The color and the symbol is of importance
Level 27: No TRIX have been used here...
Level 28: Semaphore
Level 29: ...
Level 30: What was skipped was coded in

Remember to keep using what you learnt in the previous levels

Thursday, December 29, 2005


I've come across this puzzle online...and well, spent around 3 hours on it, haven't finished it yet though...
I guess it was made by IIM Indore guys for their fest and seems to have been quite a hit...

Some of the levels are super cool, while well others are a drab...but overall its nice...
Will compile a list of hints (and not answers) and post them when I'm through with it, till then happy cracking

Monday, December 26, 2005

Santa's back!

I seem to have been a good boy all year, coz Santa's been real nice to me
Loads of things happened this year, and more so towards the last quarter
(That's me being in the industry being too long already and trying to recognize trends )

I finally got a internet connection back at home!!
Things seem to be going smooth for me, and well, I'm also quite kicked and peaceful nowadays!
Listening to some nice music, specially on the ASOT series with the Top20 and the Year Mix 2005 coming up!
2006 is sure to hold some nice stuff for me (for reasons)
Catch you soon...peace on earth